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Char Bailey

Environmentalist, Life Coach, Millennial

Can HR change the world?
Making change happen...

"The unmissable summit for clear sighted HR professionals that together, can form an agenda for change."

ZCHR23 includes a host of key speakers - environmental icons, influencers, zero carbon suppliers and facilitators and advisors that can help you align your resourcing and HR strategy and help your business achieve Zero Carbon status. Governments won't change, individuals don't feel empowered, it's up to business to make a difference before it's too late for the planet.

HR has responsibility for a huge amount of Scope 3 emissions - this is how we start to make difference.

If there's one big global event this year you shouldn't miss out on, one that will help change your organisation for good - this is it.

Attendees include:

There are compelling reasons, beyond the obvious, why every Employer Brand and rewards strategy should be Zero Carbon.  

Millennials will form 75% of the workforce by 2025.

Number one on the agenda for this eco-conscious generation is Climate Change. If your business doesn’t focus on the impact that a zero carbon policy has on your employer brand, or the huge financial and moral benefits of implementing change in the workplace, this is your wake up call. 

Brands should be able to tell an effective zero carbon story, in their environmental employer brand (EEB).

Those that can't will lose-out on more than just being penalised with tax on Scope 3 Emissions in the years ahead. Key talent will ignore your proposition in favour of brands that are doing and saying the right and responsible thing. There is a tidal wave of public opinion building, and only those businesses that have a carbon neutral story will succeed.

Planet People is a creative business consultancy, that works with HR, to achieve key significant goals:

To develop an EEB and reach out with the right message strategy that makes you attractive to prospective employees.

To take this message to market in ways that effectively promote the carbon credentials of your business.

To provide consultancy to organisations to measure carbon output, and look for innovative ways to reduce this through reward and benefit incentives, transport and internal collaboration amongst other things.

Together, we can show the world how to make a difference.

of Candidates
will be millennials
by 2025.
of millennial candidates say environmental
considerations is the number one consideration
when choosing an employer.
Over 70
of a companies
carbon footprint
is Scope 3 emissions.
of the UK’s total emissions
are caused by employee commuting.
90 million tons of CO2.
Why HR? Why Now?

Employees, for the majority of business, account for the largest proportion of an employer’s Scope 3 carbon emissions. Commuting, lighting and heating consumption.

 Business growth comes at a price. HR can lead the change agenda by understanding the contribution employees make to business emissions, and working to reduce this impact by putting ethics at the top of the brand awareness and together, driving internal change.  

We have little time left and permanent global climate change is not a matter of if, but when. This agenda will continue to grow, and it not only makes good moral sense but great business sense to implement this now. 

EEB and Carbon Neutral Rewards can be both creative and celebratory. They provide a rallying point around which business can focus and grow. And good news spreads - as more key talent focuses on your zero carbon achievements, goals and innovative rewards. 

Planet People will help measure the cost, the return, the reduced impact your business is making on the planet - and communicate this to everyone.

Familiar with Scope 3 Emissions?

Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions is a way of categorising and calculating the different way business emits carbon and is used in many countries to calculate carbon tax and demonstrate that a business is moving towards a zero carbon goal.

Scope 1-3 terminology first appears in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol 2001 and are the baseline for GHG reporting in the UK.

Scope 3 is the emissions business and HR should be most concerned about, as these can account for over 70% of an organisation’s carbon footprint. 

Scope 1 Emissions 

Fuel combustion
Company vehicles
Fugitive emissions

Scope 2 Emissions 

Purchased electricity, heat and steam

Scope 3 Emissions 

Purchased goods and services
Business travel
Employee commuting
Waste disposal
Use of sold products
Transportation and distribution
(up- and downstream)
Leased assets and franchises

What’s crucial for businesses that want to demonstrate a reduction in emissions or are working towards a zero carbon strategy and EEB, is that Scope 3 emissions, which form the majority of their output, are fully identified, audited and documented. Then, to move forward with a structured plan that helps you minimise emissions hotspots and positively engage with all stakeholders to improve your carbon milestones. Planet People can assist with every step of this process and work with you and your team to engineer a successful outcome to your zero carbon journey.

Planet People

We're a 32 year old global Employer Branding business that accepts over the decades we’ve had an impact on the climate. We’ve been instrumental in the growth of many of the world’s leading brands. But this has all come at a huge cost to the planet.  

Hundreds of thousands of new employees means pollution and climate change on an immeasurable scale. We owe it to our industry to be the ones leading change. Creating a new agenda. New terminology and focus. Being brave enough to say what needs to be said to the HR community.

We’ve re-engineered our business to the way we believe others should work. EVs, cycling to work, zero carbon rewards and incentives and no office premises - zero footprint - leading change by example.

Our team are experts in Environmental Employer Branding, Zero Carbon Rewards Consultancy, Carbon output measurement and cost analysis. We educate, inform and assist our clients' strategies to re-calibrate Zero Carbon milestones. Then communicate this in highly creative ways. We're an agency, a consultancy, a business advocate, a disruptor. 

Our Consultants assist in a variety of ways. We develop Environmental Value Propositions, Environmental Employer Brands, take the message to market and help create attraction strategies that help recruit talent that wants to make a difference. We also work with businesses to develop reward and benefits strategies and packages that significantly reduce carbon emissions and provide evidence, measurement and financial benefits that show how a reduced carbon footprint makes solid business sense.

We are the future in HR support, tackling more than simply the next recruitment challenge.
The next recruitment challenge is the biggest challenge the world will ever face.