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Change begins with a story...
Why an Environmental Employer Brand Makes Business Sense

Over 89% of candidates now look for Zero Carbon credentials when choosing a career. If your business has a story to tell, is making real progress in minimising Carbon Emissions, we can work with you to create an Environmental Employer Brand that will give you an edge in finding and keeping talent.  

More than this. The value of an EEB in the years to come, if established properly and now, means that as Climate Change becomes the more important issue to the world, your brand and message, will be positioned in the minds of everyone - talent, staff and business. Your agenda will be recognised as morally, ethically and globally iconic.

Creating the EnVP and EEB.

Environmental Value Proposition

-The key marketing differentiation point between one employer and another from an environmental perspective.

Environmental Employer Brand

-The unique compelling brand and messages that is developed to attract talent, usually derived from the EnVP.

Zero Carbon HR analysis is a specialist discipline. It requires more than simply a rebrand. Messages that are this emotive and compelling require significant substantiation and analysis. At Planet People we’re environmental consultants that can accurately measure your Carbon Footprint. We benchmark it globally and provide you with forecasts that demonstrate real progress. We then develop for you a manifesto. A people statement that sets out your mission and how effectively your team will reduce environmental impact. The EnVP helps to form part of the Environmental Employer Brand - a narrative that combines zero carbon and traditional factors for new talent. 

Living the brand.

Unlike a conventional Employer Brand, the real legacy of an EEB, is that it grows with the business generating more passion, stakeholders and purpose - making your business more focused, collaborative and ultimately - successful. 

Good news travels fast and Planet People can assist with marketing, PR and advertising - the entire outreach strategy to help you creatively communicate your position. One of the most crucial parts of any communications strategy is to engage with staff and embed the principals of the EEB within the values of the company. Once entrenched, Zero Carbon values are over four times more likely to be recognised by internal staff.

Creative. Engaging. Precise.

Zero Carbon messages need to be unique, inspiring and engaging. Their purpose is to celebrate the achievements of the business, inspire talent to join and to focus existing staff on the strategy ahead. You can't expect people to be motivated by anything less than world-class marketing and creative delivery.

Planet People

Passionate highly-qualified professionals that have come together to provide organisations with deep insights, advice and services that help them tackle the biggest challenge that business will face. It's not just about doing the right thing, but going it in a way that helps your company or organisation to flourish, grow and be highly successful - as an employer, a brand and an icon.


Carbon audit professionals that help you benchmark Co2 levels and set agenda's for change.

Financial audit teams that help calculate scope 3 reductions and the financial cost vs return on investment of staff rewards and scope 3 taxation.


Design, branding and digital professionals that help you create and develop an effective EEB.

Project and account management teams that help develop media strategies and market routes that build awareness and results in external and internal audiences.

Reward & Benefits design

Creative reward and benefit professionals that can help design and develop reward packages and incentives that help employees significantly reduce your scope 3 emissions.

Russell Dalton
Fiona Horton
Managing Director