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Change means everything.
Simply creating an EEB is not enough to set an agenda for change. In most businesses, employees account for the largest emissions. So to tackle climate change, the change needs to be everywhere, throughout the business.

You start by conducting a Carbon audit, measuring the Carbon output made primarily in the area of Scope 3 emissions, by employees and preparing a report that is usually highly revealing. This audit of where your business is currently sitting - globally and in relation to your competitors is the first step in an illuminating journey. Planet People then prepare an agenda for change - an achievable set of carbon objectives that are quantifiable. This re-calibration and roadmap forms the future Environmental Strategy for your business.

Zero Carbon Rewards and Benefits

Sometimes, all employees need is just a little incentive to get behind a Zero Carbon agenda. Zero Carbon rewards are an innovative and creative way of enhancing or overhauling your R&B package to encourage, reward and recognise zero carbon behaviour.

Planet People R&B Consultants can help formulate benefits plans that underpin your Scope 3 Carbon reduction strategy. The feel good factor, innovative approach and unique offering make for some of the most radical and inspiring benefits out there, adding to the attraction package, staff retention and PR opportunities offered by such an exciting step.

Innovative Zero Carbon Rewards

By no means exhaustive, these are just some of the innovative R&B products that can be implemented. Contact us for audit and consultancy to assess your Zero Carbon benefits package.

• EV Vehicle Subsidy
• Electric Bike/Scooter Schemes
• Zero Flight Bonus
• Commuting incentives
• Vegan Canteen Options

• Zero Carbon activities time out
• Structured working from home
• Free EV Charging Points
• Woodland burial plan
• Onsite rewillding programmes

Measurement and analysis

Auditing is a huge component of a Zero Carbon strategy. Planet People uses a variety of instruments and proven auditing techniques to measure Carbon Emissions, and provide business with a complete report that details current status and where changes can be made. This in-depth overview will help you make choices based on expert recommendations and implement clear internal strategies that help the business reduce its Carbon footprint. 

Audits can be made after this at whatever frequency you need, providing a detailed cross-sectional analysis of how performance targets are being met and guidance on making further changes.

Carbon Auditing

Using Co2 sensors and approved auditing formulas to deliver a sound analysis report that can be used as a carbon benchmark.

Financial & Social benefits

All of this is an investment. Not simply in the well-being of the planet, but the future success of your business.

Zero Carbon strategies are hugely beneficial for gaining new customers, securing green investment opportunities, PR - not to mention employee well-being, performance, collaboration and talent attraction.

Our audit teams can help predict not just the initial cost of strategic change, but also the potential return on investment that this change can make. 

Communicating your strategy to the Planet

Climate change is going to be the number one topic for decades ahead. Those businesses that are positive about change and are moving towards Zero Carbon status can, quite justifiably, look to themselves as pioneers and ethically sound. More and more customer and consumer choices will be made around emissions. 

The PR potential and competitive advantages of doing something good are significant. Our PR and Marketing teams can help you maximise the message, use our creative skills to position your brand and deliver this with conviction and honesty.

Planet People

Passionate highly-qualified professionals that have come together to provide organisations with deep insights, advice and services that help them tackle the biggest challenge that business will face. It's not just about doing the right thing, but going it in a way that helps your company or organisation to flourish, grow and be highly successful - as an employer, a brand and an icon.


Carbon audit professionals that help you benchmark Co2 levels and set agenda's for change.

Financial audit teams that help calculate scope 3 reductions and the financial cost vs return on investment of staff rewards and scope 3 taxation.


Design, branding and digital professionals that help you create and develop an effective EEB.

Project and account management teams that help develop media strategies and market routes that build awareness and results in external and internal audiences.

Reward & Benefits design

Creative reward and benefit professionals that can help design and develop reward packages and incentives that help employees significantly reduce your scope 3 emissions.

Russell Dalton
Fiona Horton
Managing Director