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Planet People launch the world's first Zero Carbon Rewards App

Key to Zero Carbon uptake is ensuring that employees feel empowered, energised and able to contribute to change. The Planet People rewards app helps you roll-out and fully audit your reward and benefits programme, partner with zero carbon affiliates. And for employees to record and achieve their own zero carbon targets. This handy little app, white labeled for your business, helps keep track of every low carbon milestone, whilst being a source of information and support for all your employees.

Using all the features on a normal smartphone, the employee status and uptake is recorded for both the company benefit and employee.
A smart rewards programme for a smart business. By converting employee choices into reduced carbon emissions, the app helps you keep track of your organisation's carbon targets. The simplicity and use of the app has huge benefits for employee attrition, focusing people on the continuing goals of the company and the individual. The app even lets the employee benchmark their achievements again the rest of the workforce, promoting collaborative efforts within the workspace and also helping the health and wellbeing of the individual.

The app is supported with a full suite of management controls that allow organisations to audit, measure, inform and tailor rewards programmes to individuals. It's a smart, intuitive, progressive way of rewarding employees. And a terrific way of delivering a scheme that has long-term benefits to everyone - business and employee alike.

For more information follow the Planet People App in the menu.

Darrick Krajcik