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Planet People help Broughton Hall Nature Recovery Scheme
Team active in planting over 27,000 trees

Our home, Broughton Estate, is also home to one of the largest nature recovery programmes as the estate rewilds almost a third of its huge area, planting trees, increasing biodiversity and locking up carbon. This ambitious plan will also deliver a wide range of other benefits to society, known as 'ecosystem services'. Through the project, Broughton Estate is also helping to grow White Rose Forest, the community forest in North and West Yorkshire, and the larger Northern forest. It will stretch from Merseyside to the Yorkshire coast. Thousands of trees are being re-planted. One third for nature recovery will , once natural vegetation has been established, support small numbers of  roaming and grazing animals such as suitable rare breed cattle, pigs and ponies. This is necessary to allow natural processes to prevail and so maximise the wildlife value of the sanctuary.

The Broughton rewilding scheme being brought to life.

We love being here on the estate. Our commitment to EV usage, cycle to work and being connected to the environment are all fulfilled by our offices on-site. The flourishing number of eco-conscious businesses is growing as Broughton becomes an icon for how nature and commerce can work together. 160 hectares of trees (396 acres) were planted between December and April 2021, the equivalent of 224 football pitches. Species have been chosen to meet  objectives for biodiversity, to be native and to offer maximum resilience to climate change. The project is funded by the Government’s Nature For Climate Fund via Trees for Climate - a £12.1m programme of woodland creation led by England’s Community Forests. Once established, the woodland will also store significant quantities of carbon and help deliver the Government’s commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions in the UK by 2050. Guy Thompson, Programme Director for the White Rose Forest, said: “The White Rose Forest partnership is proud to support Broughton Sanctuary to deliver this hugely important project that will help protect our environment and local communities along the River Aire.

“Broughton Sanctuary joins local authorities across Yorkshire in the leadership they have shown in responding to the climate emergency. Thanks to the support we have received from the Government and businesses, the White Rose Forest has never been in a better position to support this response by working with landowners across the region to plant trees and deliver the essential long-term environmental and community benefits they can bring.”

Adrian Senger