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Planet People to Sponsor Zero Carbon HR 2022

We're delighted that Planet People will be primary hosts and sponsor of Zero Carbon HR 2022. This extraordinary event will see senior HR professionals come together to discuss the carbon agenda and resolve steps they can take in helping reduce their business Scope 3 emissions. Business growth comes at a price. And those responsible for growth need to be acutely aware of the changing dynamics in candidate preference, customer expectations and changing tax laws, that will collectively push emissions to the top of the people agenda in years to come.

This is the first summit we've hosted and hopefully it won't be the last. Our ambition is for as many HR influencers to be onboard to make this an industry level event for change. As well as an impressive number of keynote speakers, there will be relevant sponsors attending to showcase the latest innovations in EVs, transport, reward and benefits specialists and carbon audit specialists. We'll help every HR professional understand the clear role they play in climate change, and  how big changes from them can result in better candidate attraction, sales, marketing and lower business taxes. Get enlightened and book your space for this one day unmissable event!

Clement Douglas